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Forma Camera, formerly IRFI – Roman Institute for Business Training, is the Special Agency of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Craft and Agriculture of Rome set up for the promotion and organization of training courses, qualification, updating and specialization.

The Institute, operational since 1991, does not pursue profit-making. Forma Camera carries out its activity as a specialized structure of the Chamber of Commerce of Rome following principles of efficiency, economy and administrative transparency. The general objective of the activities and services offered by Forma Camera is the raising of the overall levels of knowledge and competence, favoring the meeting between the training system and the production system.

The training, guidance, accompaniment and assistance activities that Forma Camera realizes are intended for local businesses and in particular for entrepreneurs, professionals, managers, employees of SMEs in the areas of competence. The activities of Forma Camera are also carried out in collaboration and in the network with the local institutional system and representation, with universities and research centers.

In particular, the products, training, guidance and assistance services offered by Forma Camera ensure:


The areas of activity in which Forma Camera operates are:







The mission of Forma Camera is the implementation of training actions in the general interest of the local economy, with regard to the demand for training of companies, entrepreneurs and those who want to retrain for a successful integration into the labor market; the provision of services that favor the birth and development of new business activities and the growth of existing companies, improving their managerial skills and internal professional skills. The Institute, in agreement with the major Representative Associations, provides for the start-up and implementation of courses aimed at training applications of companies in the province of Rome. Forma Camera in particular:

The company, as part of the activities carried out, performs the function of support for the Bureau of the Chamber of Commerce of Rome.



Forma Camera uses internal and external resources with high professional skills for analysis, design, assistance, teaching and tutoring activities. For the provision of services, Forma Camera ensures the availability of classrooms equipped with logistic and multimedia supports.

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